Retrochallenge – Summer 2012

This year’s Retrochallenge will soon be upon us, running for the entire month of July there’s still time to sign up and participate.  Head over to the Retrochallenge Website and register your interest.

This year I’m hoping to hook up my recently acquired Epson acoustic coupler to my PX-8 and with the aid of an old telephone dial in to one of the few remaining dial up services out there, and no doubt my own BBS.

Epson PX-8 Brochure

In my previous blog entry I posted some scans of some promotional literature for the PX-8 and it occurred to me that I’m now in possession of the all the hardware shown in the image opposite.  I thought therefore it might be interesting to try to recreate the shot.

Other options are to create another instalment for my Silent Running text adventure created with Inform.

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