Retroscan – Epson PX8 Geneva Brochure

Finally I have an Epson CX21 acoustic coupler in my collection, more on that later.  Acquiring it required the purchase of another Epson HX20 with which it was listed on Ebay.  Also included when the parcel arrived was this rather nice brochure for the Epson PX8 which I’ve scanned in and provide images of below.

One thought on “Retroscan – Epson PX8 Geneva Brochure

  1. The seduction of mobile computing slickly portrayed in each of the examples above was difficult to resist, even though the reality of ‘computing on the go’ was usually a far flung thing compared to the glossies! It’s interesting that even in the glossy photos the screen is difficult to read! Outdoors maybe is the best option!


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