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Epson PX-8 With The CX-21

Epson PX-8 With The CX-21

Following a visit in 2010 to a vintage computer fair I began to realise how much I missed the computers and hardware that had been a huge part of my teenage life back in the 1980’s.  I soon found myself raiding the loft for my old computers and also scouring Ebay for machines I’d always lusted over in those youthful days but had never actually owned.

Then I got involved in Retrochallenge and the whole thing snowballed from there.  I now find myself surrounded by all sorts of exotic equipment from the 70’s and 80’s and regularly enjoy tinkering with it.

I decided to document my adventures in retro computing for both my own record and for those others who may find them interesting, thus Retrocosm was born.

I’ve also recently become heavily involved in 1/10 scale RC trailing and crawling and list below the rigs I currently own and am working on.

Here’s a list of machines that are at least 10 years old that I currently own and write about:-

  • Apple Power Mac Cube G4 – 1
  • Apple iMac G4 – 1
  • Atari Portfolio – 3
  • BBC Master – 1
  • Cambridge Z88 – 1
  • Commodore Vic 20 – 2
  • Commodore 128 – 1
  • Commodore 128D – 1
  • Commodore Amiga 1200 – 1
  • Commodore Amiga 500 – 2
  • Epson HX20 – 2
  • Epson PX4 – 2
  • Epson PX8 – 3
  • Epson PX16 – 2
  • Epson Equity LT – 1
  • HP 95LX – 1
  • Husky Hunter – 1
  • IBM 5140 Convertible – 1
  • IBM PC Clones – Several
  • Memotech MTX 512 – 2
  • Oyster Terminal – 1
  • Psion MC 400 – 1
  • Samsung PenMaster – 1
  • Sharp PC-700 – 1
  • Televideo TS802H – 1

I’ve also got a fair selection of peripherals, too numerous to list here and several modern Apple machines, the oldest of which is currently a Mac Mini G4 on which I run Morph OS.

My 1/10 scale RC collection currently consists of:-

  • Axial SCX10 Class 2 Honcho
  • Axial SCX10 based Class 1 Defender
  • RC4WD Gelande Defender D90
  • RC4WD Gelande Cruiser
  • RC4WD Trail Finder 2
  • RCModelex Hi-Lux Truggy
  • RCModelex Defender D110
  • Tamiya Sand Scorcher
  • Tamiya Neo Fighter


Images – Please note, original images on this site are copyright of the photographer, please do not reproduce without permission.

Charlie – January 2016

7 thoughts on “About Retrocosm

  1. Hello Charlie!

    I’ve just uploaded a Beta(2) version of our game Marball Odyssey dedicated to the PowerPC 😉
    ( http://sundaycoders.alotspace.com/download.html )
    As i haven’t got this kind of hardware myself while mainly using an emulator (Pearpc) for dev and basic testing any help from the PPC community is greatly appreciated! ^^

    Please spread the word about it , people can contact me by email!



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  2. I defiantly wish I still had the computers I used as a kid – especially the TI99 and Commodore 64. Though, I probably spent enough time on the two during my childhood for a lifetime. From there the list just grows of computers I had … 386, 486, Pentium II …. and on and on. And as a collector getting my hands an early Apple computer would be sweet as well.


    1. I’d definitely recommend picking up some retro hardware and reliving those memories, and before it’s too late as the amount of working hardware will begin to dwindle and failures increase.


  3. Thanks for your reply. It’s great what you’re doing with this blog.

    I know, especially now as the older computers seem to be trending. It seems like many people in their 40’s and 50’s are trying to reclaim memories of the past by collecting items owned when younger. I decided a few years ago to try and find some of the computers I used as a kid. But I ended up going through difficult times and had to put that though aside. However, prior to that I was able to get an older ThinkPad with a bunch of accessories (older ms mouse, 14.4 modem and with complete paperwork) – probably one of the earlier laptops. The thing was build like a tank.

    Things are starting look a bit better so I’m hoping start a collection at some point. The computers I actually owned at different points of my life I’d probably want to get first, but as a collector and out of curiousness I’d love to own some of the old Apple computers like Lisa.

    bty I am also the same person that posted about RC Cars under the name Green Tea Break. I figured that site fit better for the other post.



  4. Does the CoSM in your name reference the Circle of Sequestered Magics in the Knights of the Dinner Table / HackMaster franchise? Also, this is a pretty sweet blog, something you don’t see everyday anymore. Too bad computers are less of an investment and more of a consumable good these days.


    1. Thanks Joseph, I’m glad you like the blog. Nothing so esoteric with the name Retrocosm I’m afraid, it was just a play on words such as microcosm and macrocosm, with cosm coming from the Greek Kosmos for world, retro – world.


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