Atari Portfolio Versus Apple iPad, Sort Of…

My Atari Portfolio has arrived, and what a gorgeous little thing it is indeed.  I took some pictures and thought it would be interesting to include my iPad in the background.  I promise I’m not neglecting my PX-8, but it’s at work as I have a Win95 box there.  I will bring it home soon and take some pictures.

It might be quite amusing to do a tongue firmly in cheek, head to head review of the Portfolio versus the iPad but given that I’m supposed to be achieving something with the PX-8 (at the very least getting Filink working) it will have to wait.

The battery on the ram card (CR2016) was dead so I put in a new one and formatted the card which appears as a disk under DIP Dos.  I used format a:/v (the /v switch allows you to assign a volume label after formatting.)  The battery compartment sits at the top left of the card and is released by pinching the small plastic lug towards the battery tray allowing you to slide it out.

For now the Portfolio pictures.

Atari PortfolioAtari Portfolio 128k Memory CardAtari PortfolioAtari Portfolio

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