1/6 Scale Willys Jeep RC Conversion – Part 2

Here is the HPI GRU and motor mounted up.  The combined length is just a tad too long so I had to trim out some of the radiator which turned out ok.


It’s only a short distance from the GRU to the transfer box, fortunately I had this RC4WD Punisher Shaft in the spares box that fitted perfectly.  For now I shall be using Axial driveshafts from the SCX10 to connect the axles to the transfer case.


I drilled some holes to fit the servo under the body.  It’s a nice beefy Savox one which will hopefully be powerful enough to move the 2.2 Falken Wild Peaks.


Next job was to get some paint on, I opted for this Mazda classic red which is a Halfords automotive paint.


The driver arrived from China, a 1/6 scale body with a Jason Statham head sculpt.  I pinched the clothes from my Indiana Jones figure.  ‘I want it finished you Muppet!’


I wanted a protection frame but brazing is not currently on my skills list.  I turned then instead to Pete Attryde and his scale fab shop.  He can also be found over on the excellent ScaleRC forum.  I wanted the design to resemble the one I’d seen on the 1:1 Mad Brit Willys, Pete did an excellent job.


4 thoughts on “1/6 Scale Willys Jeep RC Conversion – Part 2

    1. Cheers, It’s simply bolted to the existing plastic chassis. I extended the bolts that hold the transfer case together so that they’re long enough to go through part of the chassis and take a nut.


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