@Retrochallenge – Nearly There

This is a quick interim update posted from my Epson PX-4. Following my
previous post I’ve discovered that I can run the Pi quite happily from four AAA
NiMh cells.

Unfortunately I can’t fit these internally using the battery holder I currently
have. However I think it will be possible using an alternative, slim line

With the Pi secured inside the PX-4’s cartridge case the micro USB connector
becomes slightly obstructed, a right-angled adapter would probably fit.

I don’t currently have one of those so I instead salvaged a system speaker
connector from an old PC case and used it to connect power directly to the GPIO
header on the Raspberry Pi.

This allowed me to finally close up the cartridge case, connect it to the PX-4
and power up the Pi. With only one battery pack and the serial cable now
located externally I was able to log in via WiFi to my BBS and post this entry,
aided and abetted by TCPser.

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