Water, MacBooks and Splodgy Screens

Somewhat foolishly I wandered into the bathroom to show my wife something on my MacBook whilst she was in the middle of bathtime with the children.  With a cry of ‘daddy watch this’ my son jumped and with the help of gravity, proceeded to displace a fairly large amount of water in my direction.

As it lapped over the screen and keyboard of my MacBook time seem to stop momentarily before I suddenly processed what had happened, powered  the machine down and began frantically mopping it with tissue.  A few hours later I gingerly turned it on and was relieved as it immediately began to boot.  However I then noticed that about a third of the screen had a huge bright white splodge on it.

I powered it down again and searched online for ‘bright white splotch macbook screen’ and found this blog entry.  I read through the author’s similar experience and set about stressing my MacBook with as many processes as I could think of.  Soon the fans were whirring away and the unit was warming up nicely.  I propped it up next to the radiator and left it for a couple of hours.

On return the splodge had definitely shrunk but I decided the give the unit a rest from its workout, I have been repeating the process and I’m pleased to say the screen has nearly fully recovered.

(Update)  Another couple of days have passed and I’m now just left with a couple of dots which I’m sure will also disappear in due course.  Phew!

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