Retrochallenge Update

With the deadline looming ambitions have been somewhat scaled back.  Instead of attempting to finish the entire game it’s very much going to be a Silent Running (Part 1.)  The process has reminded me of my school exam days where I would race through the exam in around a quarter of the allotted time and then spend the rest of the time writing out the original scribble in a more legible form.  As I learn more elegant ways of doing things I have to spend time going back and updating the code.

However much of it remains inelegant, there’s one problem that I can’t seem to resolve which involves monitors I had intended to place in various locations that could be examined to reveal the current locations of the ships drones, Huey, Dewey and Louie, I’ve had to abandon this for now as it was taking up too much time.  As an aside, I’d forgotten how quickly the hours pass when engaged in a task like this.

Of the several kludges I have resorted to, possibly the most Heath Robinson is using the Take and Drop routines to have the Drones follow the player character, in the process modifying the parser to say ‘You are carrying or being followed by’ in place of the standard ‘You are carrying,’ Ouch!  Using ‘drop’ to have someone stop following is pretty poor but I’m confident given a bit more time I’ll crack that one.

Of the ideas that I’d mapped out in my mind I would guess I’m going to achieve about a quarter of what I’d hoped.  The goal therefore of the first instalment will be to make it to the next area of the Valley Forge.

One thing all this time in front of the computer has allowed me to do is catch up on old Retrobits podcasts which I can’t recommend highly enough, great stuff Earl.

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