Printing With The Atari Portfolio

I recently acquired a parallel port interface for the Atari Portfolio, it’s actually an original DIP (Distributed Information Processing) model and looks as good as new.  In order to transfer files to and from the Portfolio and a PC I need a DB25 male to male straight through cable which I have on order.

In the meantime it occurred to me I could hook up my Epson P-40 portable thermal printer with a standard parallel printer cable and confirm it’s in working order.

I connected everything together, created a bit of text in the Portfolio editor and then hit a snag, I couldn’t work out how to make it print.  In mitigation I don’t have a manual for the Portfolio however after a brute force attack, ie trying every combination of key presses I could think of I found the required menu.

Much to my surprise the Epson immediately burst into life and printed my text, I almost imagined it sitting there thinking, is that all you’ve got?

(Update, Video Available)

Some obligatory pictures:-

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