Epson TF-20 5.25 Inch Double Floppy Disk Drive Pictures

As yet no joy with the PF-10, the unit spins up but I’m getting bad sector errors on all the disks I try to access.  I’m not particularly surprised, in fact I would have been more surprised if it had worked.  However I shall try and clean the heads and have a poke around to make sure everything that should be moving freely is doing so.

More luck with the TF-20 which is in fine working order.  Both bays are working well and I’ve managed some read and write operations on both.  The unit itself in monstrously heavy, most of the weight is I assume coming from the built in transformer.  So far I’ve tried the unit with a PX-8 and PX-4.  Along with the PF-10 the TF-20 came with a huge bundle of PX-4 related items.  The PX-4 itself, several spare keyboards, a couple of cassette units, a ram disk and a rom holder all of which are interchangeable on the PX-4 (also apparently known as the Epson Pine.)

I also have some promotional literature for the PX-4 and an original UK price list which I’ll scan in and post.  For now some pictures of the TF-20.

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