Finally, a decent MacBook Dock?

Ever since I bought my MacBook I’ve wondered why Apple or anyone else for that matter didn’t make a decent docking station.  Given that the MacBook will happily support an additional monitor and will happily work with the lid closed when connected to a power supply it makes perfect sense.

Simply drop the MacBook into the docking station to which you’ve already connected your charger and peripherals and away you go.Henge MacBook Dock

Well it seems that we may finally have a decent solution , the Henge Dock.  OK, it’s not exactly out of the Jonathan Ives book of design but it’s not pig ugly either.  As far as I can tell it’s selling as quickly as Henge can make them with all versions currently sold out.  Frankly I’m not surprised, the only mystery is why it’s taken someone so long to get something like this together.

ArcBook MacBook Stand

Wouldn’t it be great if Henge got into bed with Twelvesouth who produce the fine looking BookArc and came up with something inbetween.  Now that would sell in serious numbers.

As yet I haven’t been able to establish if Henge ship their docks internationally but I’ve signed up to be notified when the model I require is back in stock and will try and order one then, should it arrive in a timely fashion I’ll do a review.

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