Why 3d films are just a money making gimmick

Well I’d been preparing a long and thoughtful post about why I believe the latest 3d craze in film is just a big con when someone far more erudite, Roger Ebert no less, beat me to it.

I would just add that 3d is in my opinion being pushed by the studios for the following reasons, to increase ticket prices, to combat piracy and to sell the next range of 3d hardware.

In the vast majority of cases it adds nothing to the movie going experience and this latest fad of retro-fitting 3d to films as an afterthought is just nonsense.

With cinemas now populated in the main by air-headed teenagers chatting and playing with their phones these gimmicks and spectacle films are presumably required to grab their attention.

Remember when the story and the characters did that?  I’m very much looking forward to Toy Story 3 and trust that Pixar will have the sense to make it available in 2d.

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