@Retrochallenge 2012 – Under Construction

An illness in the family has rather curtailed my retro activities this year.  Any grand projects are unlikely to reach fruition, however I’m still tinkering with odds and sods.

I finally got around to Telnet enabling my Nostromo BBS, which was previously dial-up only.  Trouble is I may now therefore actually get some visitors and that in turns means I ought to add some content.

I hadn’t realised, but my Broadband supplier at work, Demon, actually furnishes me with a static IP address so the process was very simple.  I had previously assumed it was a dynamically allocated address.  I also still have my original ‘tenner a month’ dial-up account with Demon, purely to retain the associated e-mail address.  Next year will mark twenty years since I first signed up for this account and it occurred to me it would appropriate to create a suitably retro-style website on the included web space.

So you can now visit the hand coded Nostromo BBS Website replete with snazzy background, marquee, page counter and other early 90’s Internet goodies.  Twenty years, I can’t believe it!

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