@retrochallenge – Changing Direction?

Samsung PenMaster

I’ve managed to free up 7-8 MB of space on the PenMaster’s internal HDD without breaking anything.  This has allowed me to successfully install Internet Explorer 3.02.  Well I say successfully, although the package has installed, I was under the impression that it contained a TCP/IP stack and dialer software but this doesn’t appear to be the case.  I had a look around and found Trumpet Winsock which I remember using with the Amiga 1200 when I first connected to the Internet back in I believe 1991.  Funnily enough, the ISP I was using then, Demon Internet, are still hosting the file on their FTP server here.

I shall attempt to install this and see where it leads.  If I’m honest I’m not feeling the retro lurve for the Samsung, whether it’s because it’s not quite old enough or possibly because it hasn’t actually provided much of a challenge in terms of getting it working I’m not sure, most likely a combination of both.

I may therefore change direction and look at something else from my growing pile of gear.  I have a non-working IBM 5140 convertible which I may try to resurrect, it’s quite a unique machine on a number of levels so it would certainly be interesting to have it working.

Also it’s looking as though I’m going to have less free time this month than I’d hoped so fingers crossed I can get something else done.

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