Tweeting From The Epson PX-8

Today was spent fiddling with the configuration of Nostromo, the BBS I’m setting up for testing retro machines.  After a considerable amount of time (much of which was spent trying to remember my mail server passwords) I managed to get the mail forwarding working so I could send e-mail from the BBS.

It then occurred to me it must be possible to Tweet via e-mail.  A quick internet search later and I found Tweety Mail and duly signed up.  At this stage I was only able to get mail out into the wild from the BBS by sending it to another user who had their account set to forward internal mail.  I therefore set up a user account with as their e-mail address and logged on with the PX-8.

I’m still experiencing some problems with errant text even when connecting at 300 baud but I can still navigate around and I soon managed to send an e-mail to the tweetymail user account.  Much to my surprise and excitement it duly popped up on Twitter almost immediately.

I decided to shoot some video of the process.  I apologise in advance for the shoddy standards, particularly the bit at the end where I hadn’t planned for moving the camera from the PX-8 to the Mac display and helpfully the camera decided to go on strike when it came to finding focus.  Still it does rather sum up my Retrochallenge, unfocussed but with a clear result in the end.

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