Henge Dock Now Available

Back in May I wrote about my desire to acquire a Henge Dock for my MacBook.  The docks it seemed were in very short supply so I signed up to be notified when stock would be available.

I have today received an e-mail to advise my dock is available to order.  Of course 5 months have now passed and I’m currently lusting after a new MacBook Air.  With shipping and import duty realistically I’m looking at around £80-85 for the dock.  Unsurprisingly the e-mail contains the following caveat:-

Because we have received more preorders than docking stations we are notifying our customers in blocks every two days according to the inventory currently available. We encourage you to place your order within 48 hours of receiving this email, after that we will notify the next block of preorder customers. We may still have units on hand, but we cannot guarantee availability beyond that window.

Decisions, decisions….

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