Why Isn’t Katharine McPhee A Bigger Star?

Ok, so if you’re in the UK I can hear you saying ‘Who?’  Well back in 2006 Katharine Mcphee was the runner up in the 5th season of American Idol.  I don’t know why but my wife and I started watching this on I believe ITV 2 and got hooked due to the overall quality of the participants.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the last 5 finalists on this show could have walked the finals of most series of the UK’s X-Factor, with perhaps the exception of the year Leona Lewis won, that’s how high the standard was.

Oh and yes I do fancy the pants off of Katharine McPhee, let’s just get that out of way.

Things started well, here’s her audition, slightly rough around the edges but clearly there’s something special there:-

Katharine went on to the finals, one of her best performances for me was her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow, rarely am I moved this much by a singing performance:-

She also gave a pretty rocking performance of K T Tunstall’s Black Horse and the Cherry Tree:-

Katharine finished as runner up to Taylor Hicks who was also very good and she went on to release her first album Katharine McPhee.  Her record sales have, in my view, been disappointing, she’s almost an unknown in the UK.  A beautiful young woman with an extraordinary voice I have no idea why she is not more successful.  She has also done some acting and does appear quite often on various shows in the US.

Earlier this year she released her second album Unbroken and I wish her every success and wish we could see more of her.

I leave you with this thought, how can you not love this?:-


Katharine McPhee Home Page

Katharine on Youtube

Katharine Wiki

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