Kim Kimberley, Zork & CP/M

I had a spare hour or so today and decided to hunt around for some games for my PX-8.  Given the limitations of the display and my own fondness for interactive fiction I decided to see what text adventure games I could find for CP/M.

A quick search for CP/M games took me immediately to the Retroarchive where I’m pleased to say the first three games of Infocom’s excellent Zork series were to be found along with a number of other games.

Pleased with this result I wondered if there were any CP/M versions of Level 9’s adventure games out there and I quickly found Snowball and Lords Of Time here.

Annoyingly my plans for a bridge machine with both USB and network support remain exactly that, plans, for some reason Filink will not run on the Pentium III under DOS and I have therefore been forced to resort to my Fujitsu in order to transfer files to the PX-8.  The downside of this is I have to burn a CD every time that I want to transfer files downloaded with my Mac on the Fujitsu for transfer to the Epson.

Nevertheless I was soon transferring the games I had downloaded with Filink from the Fujitsu directly on 5.25 floppies via the PX-8 (picture below.)

All of the Infocom and Level 9 games appear to be working fine.  Some of the location descriptions are too long for the PX-8 to display without some of the text scrolling out of view and if I’m honest the LCD on the Epson is not one of the best I’ve seen, in fact the PX-4 has a much better screen with clearer better contrast.

However the keyboard is a joy to use, it has that lovely clackety clack that you don’t seem to get with modern day equivalents so I shall get stuck in again to the world of Zork and see what I can remember.

I’ve copied Zork 1 to the ram disk and will store my save games on cassette for the shear hell of it.

I am indeed standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door. Maximum verbosity.

That reminds me, I’m sure there was a another version on the Vic 20 called The Colonel’s House?  Oh, and I’ve also discovered that you can play Zork in your browser at

Commodore Vic 20 Brochure And Price List

Well I’ve finally managed to sort through all the items I recently ordered from Ebay including a couple of Vic 20’s, a couple of Datasettes and a whole load of cartridges, cassette games, paddles and joysticks.

Also included in one of the boxes which I thought might be of interest to some was an original Commodore UK price list from October 1982 and a brochure and other promotional literature.  You have to love the fact that the floppy drive cost more than the computer.  I have therefore scanned these items and included them below.  If anyone has any concerns regarding copyright infringement please contact me and I’ll remove images immediately.