Video Of Bomber On The Atari Portfolio

Using my recently acquired parallel port interface for the Atari Portfolio I’ve been successfully transferring files onto the Portfolio from my Windows 95 box.  Initially the process would not work, however after setting the parallel port to Auto in the PC’s BIOS, transfers worked perfectly.

I’ve been trying a number of games and utilities, one that caught my eye was Bomber by Jaraslav Janda as it’s a version of the game Blitz (which was probably a version of the original) which was the first game I bought for my Vic 20 back in 1983/84.  I shot some video with my iPhone of me playing it, badly:-

Following my previous blog entry regarding printing on the Portfolio with the Epson P-40 portable thermal printer I’ve also now made a video:-

The portfolio speaks:-

Interminable Wait

I’ve always tried to deny being an Apple Fanboy but the current irrational excitement I’m experiencing in anticipation of the impending arrival of my iPad probably means I must accept my fate.

Ordered on the 10th May at 12.14 AM it was apparently shipped on the 22nd of May.

No estimated delivery time as yet but I dearly hope it is this week, I’d really like to be sitting in the garden typing this on my iPad right now, rather than my slightly tired, albeit trusty MacBook.

I’m already thinking about the new iPhone, what do Apple put in their products to encourage such emacity, is it the same stuff McDonalds put in their Big Mac’s?

And I haven’t even seen the last episode of Lost yet.

iPhone – E-mail problems

Out of the blue my iPhone mail app kept either crashing or simply exiting back to the home screen 2-3 seconds after starting.  Unable therefore to read or send mail I logged in via my MacBook to my Mobile Me account assuming some errant e-mail was causing problems.

I deleted some spam and some older messages and tried again but still no luck.  I then clicked on the trash folder and selected Empty Folder from the drop down action menu.  This did the trick and everything now appears to be fine.