Epson PX-16 Throws A Googly

It’s looking as though this Retrochallenge is going to end up considerably less focused than the last.  Not helped by a late start due to a family holiday I’ve now been thrown a googly by the arrival of a new machine.

For some time I’ve lusted after an Epson PX-16 and with one recently listed on Ebay it was an opportunity not to be missed.  Listed as non-working but including some additional bits such as a spare screen and disk unit I felt confident I’d be able to resurrect it so I put in a bid.  Somewhat amusingly for me, not so much the seller I got it for 99 pence.

It’s in good condition cosmetically and I’ve put it on charge hopeful that I’ll be able to get it working tomorrow.  Information on the PX-16 is pretty scarce, as usual for old Epson stuff the best resource is Fred Kraan’s excellent site.


I shall try and find out some more information and take some better pictures in due course.  For now I know this machine runs MS-DOS 3.2 from ROM and has an 8088 compatible V20 processor.  In the picture above the PX-16 is sitting on top of the optional disk unit which can house two floppy drives or a floppy drive and hard disk.

2 thoughts on “Epson PX-16 Throws A Googly

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