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Retrochallenge – Events Dear Boy, Events

PenMaster Launching Windows for Pen Computing

As has been the case with other participants my Retrochallenge has been somewhat blown off course by outside events.  Still I had some initial fun tinkering with the Samsung PenMaster.  Although it didn’t provide much of a challenge it was interesting to look back at the false start tablet computing had with pen based computing.

IBM 5140 Convertible

IBM 5140 Convertible

I then moved on to the IBM 5140 which is a machine I really enjoyed using.  Its slightly absurd design with its expansion ‘slices’ leading to an ever-increasing footprint is tempered by its overall solidity and great keyboard.  I would very much like to obtain an original monitor and I noticed today someone is selling new in the box printer units for it.

ADC 212 Internals

Arriving too late in the day for me to get my teeth into it was an Anderson Jacobson ADC 212 acoustic coupler.  I had hoped to use it to connect to either mine or Urbancamo’s new BBS but time has run out.  Getting the coupler working may form the basis of my next challenge.

I’m now looking forward to catching up on the other participant’s entries, some of which are clearly very impressive.

One response to “Retrochallenge – Events Dear Boy, Events

  1. Daniel Eckert October 16, 2012 at 14:07

    Is this image: – your photograph of the Samsung PenMaster?

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